Meet Our People


Hersh - Head of Asia Pacific

“The firm definitely recognises that a work-life balance is important for working parents to realise their potential as an employee.”


Jason - Head of RI Research

“Everyone at Man Group, from colleagues to the most senior people in the firm, have been incredibly supportive about taking enhanced parental leave.”


Justyna - Senior Production Support Analyst

“Man Group tries to help, stays open for new ideas, is continuously looking for improvements and recognises the importance of supporting their employees in their private lives.”


Lucy - Global Head of Sustainability

“So many of our employees (and so many of our senior management) have family responsibilities and I see Man Group as a company that is genuinely committed to helping us manage.”


Melanie - Specialist, Middle Office Service Provider Management

“Man Group have fully supported my flexible working requirements without any issues so I would strongly encourage employees to make use of the family friendly offering.”


Patrick - Global Head of Marketing Operations

“It's a total privilege to be able to get extra family time and I would encourage anyone to take advantage of it wherever possible.”


Abdi - Compliance Officer

"Take full advantage of the family friendly offerings at Man, they could help you realise your career potential whilst balancing parenting!”


Richard - Head of Americas and APAC Trading

"The parental leave is something that you will look back on when your children are, let’s say, not so focussed on you.”