Meet our people - Abdi Musse

Compliance Officer
Business Unit: Compliance Country: United Kingdom Tenure:  Since 2017


Q: Please provide a brief description of parenting responsibilities/home situation
A: I am happily married and have a two-year-old daughter. As parents, we share the responsibilities of raising our child.


Q: Please detail any family friendly initiatives that have been used and how these have helped to achieve a balance between work and home
A: I have utilized the paternity leave provided by Man, which has been incredibly beneficial for both my wife and me as first-time parents. It has allowed me to be fully present during the crucial first four months of our baby's life whilst balancing my career.


Q: What advice would you give for anyone who is considering making use of family friendly offerings?
A: Take full advantage of the family friendly offerings at Man, they could help you realise your career potential whilst balancing parenting!


Q: Why do you feel that Man Group is a supportive environment for working parents?
A: At Man, parents are given the opportunity to strike a balance between two of the most important aspects of their lives: family and work.