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Climate Capabilities at Man Group

Climate change is rapidly transforming the world as we know it. As an asset manager, we believe we have an important role to play in creating a better and more sustainable future for investors and society.

We believe our quantitative heritage and data-driven culture puts us in a unique position to assist our clients in reducing the systemic risk of climate change whilst identifying opportunities in the transition towards a low carbon economy.

We provide intelligent climate solutions by combining fundamental research with a rigorous, data-driven approach to climate integration, whilst also leveraging climate expertise from across the firm.

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Sustainability Disclosures


The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) was created in 2015 to improve and increase reporting of climate-related financial information with the aim of supporting market transparency and more informed capital allocation. The TCFD published its first disclosure recommendations in 2017 structured around four thematic areas: governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets. The recommendations were also supported by 11 recommended disclosures to help investors and others understand how reporting organizations think about and assess climate-related risks and opportunities.

In 2022, the FCA introduced in its Policy Statement PS21/24, a new Environmental, Social and Governance sourcebook containing rules and guidance for asset managers to make mandatory disclosures consistent with TCFD’s recommendation on an annual basis.

The rules applied from 1 January 2023 for Man Group‘s UK FCA authorised and regulated entities with the first public disclosures being required by 30 June 2024.


TCFD Entity Report

The Entity level report is setting out how climate-related risks and opportunities are taken into account in managing or administering investments on behalf of clients and consumers. These requirements apply to Man Group’s UK FCA authorised and regulated entities with AUM in relation to its TCFD in-scope business above £5 bn (calculated as a 3-year rolling average on an annual assessment).

Man Group plc's UK Asset Managers TCFD Report

UK Stewardship Code

We are delighted to have been accepted as signatory to the UK Stewardship Code for the third successive year. This achievement reflects our commitment to enhancing and consistently applying our stewardship capabilities, and we strongly believe that our focus on active ownership enables us to realise long-term sustainable value across our strategies and for our clients. More information on the announcement and list of signatories can be found on

UK Stewardship Code



As a proud signatory of the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, Man Group views environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) analysis as a fundamental part of investment risk management.


At Man Group we take our stewardship responsibilities seriously. Our stewardship activity is guided by our commitment to the UK Stewardship Code and our Engagement Policy sets our approach to shareholder engagement and proxy voting. Man Group also adheres to the Japan Stewardship Code.

Our approach to stewardship extends across three distinct dimensions:

Firm-level Engagement
Firm-level engagement through application of an ESG flavoured Framework Voting policy and by carrying out rigorous engagement work with investee companies.


Collaborative Engagement
Collaborative engagement with leading organisations. We define engagement as constructive and purposeful dialogue with companies on material risks tied to ESG issues.


Fund-level Engagement
Fund-Level portfolio manager led engagement with portfolio company management.


We support the Say on Climate initiative


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Man Group’s Stewardship and Active Ownership team oversees all proxy voting activity at the firm level. We have developed an enhanced ESG proxy voting policy that goes beyond your typical policy by applying specific overlays that represent the core principle of good governance.


Man Group is an active advocate of Responsible Investment in the investment community, and we are proud to be involved with a number of organisations and iniatives, including:



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