At Man Group, we recognise that Responsible Investment ('RI') is fundamental to our fiduciary duty to our clients and beneficiaries. We understand the importance of sound stewardship in managing investors’ capital, and our approach to RI ensures that our interests and values are closely aligned to those of our clients and shareholders.

As a proud signatory of the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, Man Group views environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) analysis as a fundamental part of investment risk management.


Our approach

Man Group takes a diversified approach to Responsible Investment across its investment engines and recognises the importance of a responsible approach across all asset classes and investment strategies. Each of our investment engines applies the best practices of Responsible Investment in the way that is most relevant to their fields of research through a variety of different methods.


Enhancing our values and interests of our clients' assets through voting and active engagement

ESG Factors

Considering and/or applying ESG criteria in the investment decision-making process


Participating, promoting and educating responsible investment within the investment community


Our sophisticated, firm-wide technology platform synthesises data from various external providers as well as internal proprietary ESG data, providing an ESG framework and tool which support investment decision making.


The RI Committee comprises of senior representatives from across Man Group and oversees the implementation of the firm’s RI Policy, ESG initiatives and Stewardship capabilities.


Man Group maintains a firm-wide RI Policy that outlines our recognition, commitment and support to develop and integrate RI practices across our investment engines.



As stewards of our clients’ capital, we owe it to them to actively and responsibly manage their entrusted resources to unlock long-term and sustained value.

Man Group fully supports the UK Stewardship Code, applying its seven principles across the firm’s investment strategies. Our Stewardship and Active Ownership team maintains the firm’s stewardship polices and framework that guide all our stewardship activities to uphold the highest standards in ESG.


Our approach to stewardship extends across three distinct dimensions:


At Man Group we take our stewardship responsibilities seriously. Our stewardship activity is guided by our commitment to the UK Stewardship Code and our Engagement Policy sets our approach to shareholder engagement and proxy voting.

Man Group’s Stewardship and Active Ownership team oversees all proxy voting activity at the firm level. We have developed an enhanced ESG proxy voting policy that goes beyond your typical policy by applying specific overlays that represent the core principle of good governance.


Man Group is an active advocate of Responsible Investment in the investment community, and we are proud to be involved with a number of organisations and iniatives, including:


As a responsible investor, Man Group complements its stewardship activity by carrying out rigorous engagement work with investee companies. We define engagement as a constructive and purposeful dialogue with companies on material risks tied to ESG issues – a targeted and focused discussion with a clear agenda and defined objectives.


Responsible Investment Framework

The fund framework is designed to establish a baseline requirement of ESG standards, and to provide credibility, clarity and consistency in Man Group’s approach to RI across its range of funds. Broadly our funds fall under three categories, as below:

Man Group ESG Analytics Tool


The Man Group ESG Analytics Tool is a proprietary, dashboard-style tool enabling the firm’s investment teams to monitor non-financial risks and analyse Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors on both a single- stock basis and across portfolios.


Responsible Investment News and Perspectives

Read Man Group’s latest responsible investment insights and listen to our podcast A Sustainable Future Podcast.

It's Time fo ESSGIt's Time for ESSGAugust 2020Writing in Environmental Finance, Robert Furdak, Jason Mitchell and Steven Desmyter discuss why stewardship is an integral part of ESG.
The Externality Destroying the Planet: The Case for Carbon PricingThe Externality Destroying the Planet: The Case for Carbon PricingRead | July 2020Establishing a cost on pollution is critical if we are to tackle climate change. Carbon pricing is the attempt to do just that.
The Big Green ShortThe Big Green ShortRead | Jun 2020What does responsible investing need to do to become fully mature? Go short.

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Man Group’s Responsible Investment Brochure provides a holistic overview of how we approach and implement responsible investment across the firm. It outlines the policies and frameworks we have in place, how we integrate ESG at the portfolio and strategy level across our diverse range of businesses, and how we promote responsible investment throughout the industry.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Man Group’s RI Fund Framework and Stewardship approach
  • Integrating ESG across quantitative and discretionary portfolios
  • Man Group’s RI industry involvement and affiliations

Read more


Man Group maintains firm-wide responsible investment policies that support globally-recognised norms. We also encourage our individual investment management businesses to develop and integrate responsible investing approaches that are relevant to their strategies.

Industry Assessments

Man Group is a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (‘PRI’), read our latest report below.


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