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Responsible investing is no longer optional. As the investment management industry has matured and institutionalised, it has become increasingly responsive to the requirements of the investors who charge it with stewardship of their capital – the more they see mitigating environmental, social and governance risks as part of that stewardship, the more our industry must do to further those interests.

Lord Livingston of Parkhead Chairman of the Board, Man Group

Responsible Investing

How do we define Responsible Investing and what is our approach?


How do we assume our stewardship responsibility and actively engage with the industry?

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Our latest publications and engagements around the topic of Responsible Investment.

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Meet the members of our Responsible Investment Committee that drive our engagement.

Responsible Investing at Man Group

Man Group maintains a Responsible Investment Committee and firm-wide Responsible Investment policies that support globally-recognised norms. We also encourage our individual investment management businesses to develop and integrate responsible investing ('RI') approaches that are relevant to their investment strategies.

What is responsible investing?

Responsible investing focuses on the development, integration and application of non-financial considerations – environmental, social and governance ('ESG') factors – in the investment decision-making process. While RI has traditionally been used to express an investor’s specific worldview or ethical preferences, more rigorous applications are emerging. ESG analysis, combined with active ownership (engagement and voting), is increasingly enabling investors to better understand and mitigate long-term, non-financial risks.


Man Group subscribes to the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment ('PRI') definition:


"Responsible investment is an approach to investing that aims to incorporate environmental, social and governance factors into investment decisions, to better manage risk and generate sustainable, long-term returns."


Our approach

At Man Group, we recognise that responsible investment is fundamental to our fiduciary duty to our clients and beneficiaries. We understand the importance of sound stewardship in managing investors’ capital, and our approach to RI closely aligns us with the values of our clients, shareholders, and other stakeholders.


Man Group takes a diversified approach to RI across its investment engines, recognising the importance of a responsible approach across all asset classes and investment strategies. We believe that our broad range of strategies – including active management, systematic and quantitative strategies, private markets as well as investment and advisory services – provides deep insight into the development of ESG investment. Our collective RI approaches enable us to better protect and enhance the value of our clients’ investments in a way that fulfils our obligations as an active owner and responsible manager.

Industry Assessments

Man Group is a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (‘PRI’), read our latest report below.


Man AHL is a pioneer of systematic trading, bringing a scientific, empirical mind-set to investing. For thirty years, Man AHL has applied a systematic approach to the development and deployment of investment strategies which are largely quantitative and rely on large datasets to which are applied complex financial, econometric and statistical theories through proprietary research and modelling.


Man Numeric is an institutional manager focused on strategies ranging from long-only, active extension, and market neutral equities across geographic regions, investment styles and capitalisation strata. As a signatory of the UN PRI since 2014, Man Numeric is committed to a socially-responsible investment approach that combines best practices in environmental, social and governance analysis with the interests and values of our clients.


Man GLG is a discretionary investment manager that delivers absolute return and long-only investment strategies across asset classes, sectors and geographies. As a signatory of UN PRI since 2012, Man GLG is committed to a socially-responsible investment approach that combines best practices in environmental, social and governance analysis with the interests and values of our clients.


Man GPM is Man Group’s private markets investment division specialising in residential real estate and corporate assets ‎across the capital structure. Man GPM seeks to implement RI principles across its real estate investment strategies, ranging from the inclusion of ESG factors to active engagement with the aim of making a positive impact. Man GPM became a member of the UN PRI in 2017.


Man FRM, as a hedge fund investment specialist, engages its sub-managers to promote the inclusion of ESG factors into their investment processes, policies and practices. Man FRM also promotes the acceptance of the UN PRI with our sub-advisors and encourages their participation as signatories to the Principles.




We strive to meet the evolving needs of our clients in the context of a rapidly changing regulatory environment. Environmental, social and governance ('ESG') criteria are a key part of our stewardship responsibility, and we are committed to furthering the interests of our clients in this area.

We understand the importance of a robust infrastructure when it comes to investing responsibly. At Man Group, each portfolio manager benefits from the support and resources needed to integrate ESG factors into their investment process.

Our sophisticated, firm-wide technology platform allows us to approach ESG from a systematic, fundamental or negative screening perspective. The services of external ESG specialists, as well as research produced by our in-house analysts, ensure that portfolio managers are well positioned to consider and capitalise on ESG factors in their investment decisions.


Active engagement

Our discretionary portfolio managers actively engage with the executives and senior management of companies in their portfolios. Not only does this allow us to help shape these companies’ futures in a responsible manner, but it also supports our broader goal of moving our investment portfolios towards higher ESG standards.


As part of our commitment to responsible investment, we are proud to be involved with the organisations and ESG-related initiatives listed as a member, supporter or in an advisory capacity.

We understand the importance of a robust infrastructure when it comes to investing responsibly. We are represented on a number of industry committees and working groups, including:


Proxy voting

Our proxy voting practices are designed to ensure that regulatory requirements are adhered to, and votes cast in the best interest of our clients. To assist with our proxy voting responsibilities, we have appointed a proxy voting adviser to provide analysis, research, and voting recommendations.

We generally vote in accordance with the recommendations of our proxy voting advisor, where their proxy voting guidelines and recommendations aim to increase shareholder value.

However, we are not bound by their advice, and would not support current management initiatives that are not in the best interests of our clients.


Man Group Voting Statistics - 2018

Voting Disclosure
Shareholder meeting overview Number Percentage
 Votable shareholder meetings  4'695  --
 Shareholder meetings at which our clients' shares voted  4'507  96.00%
 Meetings with at least 1 vote against, withold or abstain  1'939  41.30%
Ballot Overview
  Number Percentage
 Votable ballots  40'469  --
 Ballots voted  38'850  96.00%
Proposal Overview
  Number Percentage
 Votable items  48'903  --
 Items voted  46'009  94.08%
 Votes against  4'210  9.15%
 Votes abstain  173  0.38%
 Votes with policy  45'981  99.94%
 Votes against policy  40  0.09%
 Votes with management  41'754  90.75%
 Votes against management  4'983  10.83%
 Votes on shareholder proposals  942  2.05%

Responsible Investment News and Perspectives

Responsible investing takes a number of forms, and this area of our industry is constantly evolving. We believe it is important to regularly assess and challenge the thinking in this field, examining the theory and practice which allow truly responsible approaches to add value for clients.

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