Community Housing: Addressing the UK's Affordability Crisis

The UK’s housing market appears to be in crisis. Do investors and impact capital have an opportunity to address it?

The UK’s housing market appears to be in crisis. Rising house prices and stagnant wages have left those earning median incomes and below effectively priced out of the market. A lack of supply and significant demand has made the UK one of the least affordable housing markets in the world, while London is consistently ranked in the top five most expensive cities in which to purchase property. We believe investors and impact capital have a unique opportunity to address this crisis.

Our research covers:

  • The past and present of the UK housing market: How did the UK become unaffordable for so many?
  • Affordability and community: What steps can investors take to build sustainable affordability and positive community outcomes?
  • Risks and rewards: Why housing investment shouldn’t carry excessive regulatory or reputational risk and what will the future of community housing hold?

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