Graduate Programmes

Man Group's internship and graduate programmes provide a unique opportunity to gain experience within a performance-driven, global investment management business. Working alongside a range of exceptional colleagues in a highly collaborative and entrepreneurial environment, Man Group’s trainees are set up for a successful and rewarding career.


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Graduate and Internship Candidate Resources

Find out what to expect during our recruitment process and learn more about how we hire.

To make sure we are assessing candidates based on the skills and behaviours most appropriate for each graduate programme, there is some variation in our recruitment processes. However, the following key stages are included in almost all of them:

1. Online Application

We ask candidates to submit their application and all supporting documents via our online careers portal. Details on what documents should form part of your application will be highlighted on the job advert – make sure to follow the instructions carefully and submit all the documents required. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we cannot consider those that are incomplete. 

2. Psychometric Assessment

Some of our recruitment processes involve behavior-based psychometric assessments. Our job adverts will state whether psychometric assessments form part of the recruitment process, so you know what to expect before you apply.

The assessments, which can be completed via a mobile app or internet browser, are administered by an external testing provider who will send you the relevant details on how to access the tests via email and are also available 24/7 to provide support if you have any questions.

The behavior-based assessment we use was chosen because it provides a fair and objective way of helping us understand your natural strengths and preferences. We will use this information alongside your application to create a holistic view of your suitability for the role.

3. Pre-recorded Video/ Telephone Interviews

If you have been shortlisted for the next stage, you will be invited to a video or telephone interview, depending on the role you have applied for. This will be an opportunity for you to tell us more about yourself, your skills and your experience, and will also give you a chance to find out more about us and the role you have applied for. If the recruitment process involves video interviews, you will be sent the invitation along with detailed instructions on how to complete the interview by our software partner Sonru. Please be assured that the video interview can be completed on any laptop, smart phone or tablet, and we are committed to providing assistance to those candidates who do not have this technology available. 

4. Face-to-face Interviews / Assessment Days

Candidates who have reached the final stage(s) of our recruitment processes will be invited to meet us in one of our offices (or in certain circumstances virtually). Depending on the role you have applied for, this will either involve interviews or an assessment day. Specific details can be found in the job advert, but your invitation email will provide all the information you need to know about what to expect. On the day you will meet (sometimes a number of) individuals from across the business, and it’s a great opportunity for us to get to know each other. Remember, as much as we are assessing whether you are the right candidate for us, you should make sure that we are also the right fit for you. 


If you require reasonable adjustments, please get in touch with the recruitment team here.

1. Before You Apply

Make an informed decision

Before you apply, it may be worth doing some research to help you make an informed decision on what is the most suitable opportunity for your career goals and interests. We would encourage you to consider the following questions:

Is the financial services industry for you?

Operating in the financial services industry means working within a fast-paced and rapidly-changing environment. This requires continuous adaptation, creativity and innovation – so if you are a resilient problem-solver who likes to take initiative and is keen to learn, you will have an exciting and rewarding career ahead of you.

Which business areas are you most interested in?

As one of the world’s largest independent alternative investment managers, Man Group offers the opportunity to work alongside exceptional people in a highly collaborative and entrepreneurial environment. Man Group is a diverse organisation offering opportunities within world-class investment teams, who are working across an unparalleled diversity of investment strategies, or within our best-in-class infrastructure teams. Further information on our different business areas can be found here.

Which of our programmes is most suitable for you?

Man Group runs a variety of programmes, ranging from summer internships to graduate programmes. Before you start drafting your application, familiarise yourself with the different programmes to ensure that you are applying to those that are right for you and in line with your interests, career goals and skills. This will also help you tailor your application to the specific opportunity. You can find details on all of our programmes here.

If you want to find out more about Man Group and the opportunities we have available, you can reach out to our recruitment team, check with your school or university societies for any upcoming on-campus events, or connect with us via social media.



Think about why you are applying to Man Group. The firm knows that you will have probably applied to a number of different firms, but you should be prepared to explain why you want to work at Man and not a generic asset manager. What about the firm is particularly attractive to you?

DouglasInvestment Management Graduate 2019


Connect with us

If you want to find out more about Man Group and the opportunities we have available, you can reach out to our recruitment team, check with your school or university societies for any upcoming on-campus events, or connect with us via social media.

2. Online Application

Read the job description carefully

Read the job description carefully to understand what skills we are looking for in our candidates (as roles differ, so do the skills we are looking for) and what documents are required as part of your application. Some of our job adverts will provide details of the different recruitment stages and key dates, so make sure to familiarise yourself with these.

Tell us why you are the right candidate – and be specific

We are interested in understanding why you are the right candidate for the specific role we are recruiting for. Think about what motivates you, and what skills and experiences you can bring to the role. Keep in mind that relevant skills do not only stem from directly-related internships or work experience; there are lots of ways of developing transferable skills, so do think outside the box. It is important that you back up your application with evidence, so give us examples of when you have applied or developed certain skills.

Importantly – we value and celebrate diversity and are actively seeking and encouraging applications from candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds. We want our workforce to be representative of all parts of society, at all levels in the organisation, as we believe that our firm will be a better, more creative and innovative place to work.



Know yourself, the company and the role – then make sure everything you write in an application or say in an interview is targeted, that is, it answers persuasively and concisely why those three elements fit together.

RomyInvestment Management Graduate 2016


3. Psychometric Assessments

Test your Technology

Before you start any online assessments (whether this is via your mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop), make sure that you have checked your technology. For instance, you may want to check that you have a stable internet connection and that your battery is fully charged.

Ensure distraction-free surroundings

Make sure that you complete the assessments in a quiet environment where you can focus and are unlikely to be disturbed. If you are completing the assessment on your mobile phone, it is essential that you turn on the “Do not Disturb mode” or disable all notifications and alerts.

Prepare and practice

Carefully read and follow the instructions. All assessments we use offer practice rounds and we would highly recommend that you complete the practice assessments to ensure that you have familiarised yourself with the format and understood the instructions.

Approach the tasks in a way that feels natural to you and do not try to figure out what is being tested – we are keen to understand what your natural preferences and behaviours are, and there is no “right or wrong” answer.

Finally, allow enough time to complete the assessment in one sitting, if possible.

4. Video / Telephone Interviews

If you have been invited to a video interview, the advice that we have shared for our online psychometric assessments applies here too – ensure that you do not get disturbed, have stable internet connection, test your technology and complete all the practice rounds.

Interview etiquette

Even if you are completing a video interview, etiquette is important – ensure that you are wearing appropriate attire. Please also pay attention to your background – we recommend recording your video in front of white wall or neutral background.

Prepare and practice

Make sure that you understand the company and industry – you may want to follow industry news and familiarise yourself with resources provided by the company, such as their website and annual report. To learn more about what the brightest minds think about key problems facing the financial industry, look into the pioneering research conducted by the Oxford Man Institute, Man Group’s unique collaboration with the University of Oxford.

Finally, setting up practice interviews with family or friends will help you feel more prepared during the interview process.

5. Assessment Days / Face-to-Face Interviews

Similar to video / telephone interviews, think about interview etiquette and spend some time preparing. You may want to research the firm and keep up-to-date with industry news. Make sure that you fully understand the role you are applying for.

Prepare and practice

Unless explicitly stated in the invitation email, you are not expected to prepare anything specifically, but you may find that thorough preparation will make you feel more relaxed and confident on the day.



Attending mock interviews with a career coach from university was one of the most valuable things I could do whilst preparing for the assessment day at Man Group! It thought me how to discuss about my experiences with confidence and stay authentic during the interviews. It also encouraged me to think on my feet when tackling unknown questions.

LidiaInvestment Management Graduate 2019

You could rehearse answers to possible interview questions with family members, friends or a university career coach. However, even with all the practice in the world, there will be questions that you have not anticipated or prepared for – this is completely normal, so try to remain open to unknown challenges and think on your feet.



It’s important to spend a lot of time preparing for interviews and assessment days, particularly in finance when you can often anticipate the type of questions you might be asked. However, preparing and learning set responses could come across as non-genuine and could throw you off if you’re not asked the questions you expected. I think it’s beneficial to have an open-minded approach to interviews and to not get too hung up on perfecting set responses.

JessicaInvestment Management Graduate 2019

During the Interviews

Be yourself and tell us what you think – we want to get to know you and what drives and motivates you.

Please do not beat yourself up if you feel that parts of the interview have not gone as well as you would have hoped. We will assess a diverse set of skills during the interview(s), so whilst we expect candidates to excel in some areas, we know that you may not do as well in others and this is all part of the process.

Importantly, try to relax and be yourself – we genuinely appreciate getting to know you!



The assessment day will not go perfectly: recognise that a lot of characteristics are being assessed and people perform better at some activities than others.

RomyInvestment Management Graduate 2016



Treat an interview as an exchange and dialogue – it is not a one-way interrogation.

DouglasInvestment Management Graduate 2019


Find out more information on each stage of the recruitment process, useful tips and practical advice from our current graduates.

Can I have an update on the status of my application?

We receive an extremely high volume of applications, so please do bear with us. Our teams are committed to providing updates as soon as possible but reviewing each application individually does take time. If there is an application deadline detailed on the job advert, do not expect to hear back from us before then as we will not invite candidates to the next stages of the process until after that date.

Can I have feedback on my application?

We understand and appreciate the effort and time you have invested in submitting your application. That being said, we receive an extremely high volume of applications so we cannot provide individual feedback during the first stages of our recruitment processes such as the CV review or video/telephone interviews. If you have taken part in a face-to-face interview or assessment day, however, we will discuss your performance with you afterwards and endeavour to provide detailed feedback.

My connection got interrupted halfway through my interview recording – what happens now?

First of all, don’t stress! Try to log back in and complete the rest of your interview. If that is no longer an option, please contact the Sonru support team and explain what happened – they will be able to give you access again, or in the first instance reset your interview to start again.

I am not happy with my video interview – can I record another one?

You can only re-record your video interview if your initial recording is impacted by disturbances outside of your control (e.g. lost internet connection, loud noises). You should check during your practice interview that the audio and video quality is of an acceptable standard. If you are unhappy with the answers you have given, unfortunately you cannot submit another recording out of fairness to other candidates.

Do I need to prepare anything for the assessment day?

Unless explicitly stated in the invitation email, you are not expected to prepare anything specifically. However, we would advise that you prepare for the assessment day / interview by researching company and industry news, rehearsing your answers to likely interview questions, and practice interview and presentation settings with friends and family. You can never be too prepared and this might help you feel more relaxed and confident on the day.

What support will be there once I have joined?

Man Group is proud to provide the best working environment possible for all of its employees, and we are committed to equality of opportunity. At Man Group we believe that a diverse workforce is a critical factor in the success of our business, and this is embedded in our culture and values.

We run a number of external and internal initiatives, partnerships and programmes that help us to attract and develop talent from diverse backgrounds and encourage diversity and inclusion across our firm and industry. Man Group is also a Signatory of the Women in Finance Charter.

As one of our graduates, you will benefit from a mixture of formal and on-the-job training opportunities, supported by an extensive training and development catalogue and sponsorship of professional qualifications such as the CFA. The extra perk of being a Graduate: every trainee is assigned a mentor from the firm's Senior Management Committee.

Man Group also supports many charities and global initiatives, and employees are offered two 'Mankind' days of paid leave per year as part of the Man Charitable Trust's community volunteering programme.

We offer comprehensive, firm-wide employee benefits including competitive holiday entitlements, pension/401k, life and long-term disability coverage, group sick pay, enhanced parental leave and long-service leave. Additional benefits are tailored to local markets and may include private medical coverage, discounted gym membership and wellbeing programmes.