Man Group Investment Management Graduate 2018

I joined Man Group on the Investment Management Graduate Programme in 2018, after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Investment Management. From the moment the programme started, I could see myself developing this broad base of knowledge on each of our investment engines and the wider industry, which is exactly what I was looking for.

I have completed rotations in Man FRM, Man GLG and Man AHL, and it has been an amazing experience to work with so many different people in each of these areas.

You also get so much experience of practical skills such as working styles and management – all of which have made my experience on the graduate programme a much more holistic one from a career development standpoint. The various managers I have worked with have also been incredibly supportive – they are dedicated to helping you learn and flourish – and the people around me are constantly innovating and striving to do their best. It’s a really inspiring environment to work in.

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