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Man Technology Articles

From quantum computing and data science to innovations in database management and trade execution, technology powers everything we do.

Leveraging Aeron Open-Source Technology to Improve Latency of FX Execution System April 2024

FX trading is fast-paced and complex, requiring low-latency trading systems to compete with the best.

Oskar Wantola, Tim Raggatt
ArcticDB DataFrame Database: Petabyte Scale, Built for Python February 2024

Built for the modern Python data science ecosystem, ArcticDB lets you handle complex real-world data quickly and at petabyte scale. James Munro and Abhi Thakur take you behind the scenes.

James Munro, Abhi Thakur
Bringing Your Hobbies to Work: What Will You Make Today? October 2022

A look at providing spaces at the office for electronics, music and other creative hobbies.

Edward Easton
Shades of Green: A Systematic Approach to ESG August 2022

Combining data science and expert human overlays can help you better judge a company’s ESG credentials.

Barry Fitzgerald, Chris Bright
Scheduling a Jupyter Notebook with Notebooker May 2022

With the release of the latest version of Man Group’s ‘Notebooker’ project, users can now set up their Jupyter Notebooks to be run as reports on a schedule.

Jon Bannister
PyBloqs in 5 minutes April 2022

Custom reports from Python code or notebooks can be time-consuming - PyBloqs can simplify the process.

Charlie Smith
Use a Standard CLA please! (or Maybe None?) March 2022

CLAs have benefits, but they can cause friction. At Man, we've found the drawbacks can be largely solved through standardised CLAs (or by not using one at all).

Python-Centric Timeseries Storage in 5 Minutes With Arctic, the Datascience Database February 2022

How you can start using Arctic for highly intuitive data storage and retrieval.

Matthew Hertz
Alpha Technology: An Intern's Perspective November 2021

In this article, five of our summer interns tell us about their time at Man Alpha Technology, what they’ve learned, and the opportunities they experienced.

Man Technology Team
Bending Moore's Law: Single-Core Stagnation and the Cloud November 2021

Moore's Law is broken - that's why we built our own cloud.

Henrik Bilar
Evolving Man Group’s trading platform through continuous investment and innovation October 2021

How our work with Dapr and the open-source community is helping us deliver a cloud-native vision across a diverse technological landscape.

Simon Jones
Leveraging ESG Analytics: The Man Group RI Reporting Platform July 2021

Building a scalable data repository and reporting framework to provide RI insights that support investment decision making, client reporting and risk management.

Why We Rewrote our USD30 billion Asset Management Platform in Python March 2021

Re-platforming and migrating Man Numeric from SAS to Python.

Andrew Kindman, Tom Taylor
Smart Analytics: Fully automated, interactive plotting with JupyterLab Autoplot January 2021

Real-time, interactive, auto-plotting charts on JupyterLab. Read about our newly open-sourced add on!

Man Technology Team
Special FX: Is a high-performance, low-latency execution system possible on Aeron? November 2020

Our journey adopting Aeron messaging to improve the latency of our FX execution system, thus reducing trading slippage for our clients.

Zhu Tan
Understanding your application landscape and what's important to your organisation October 2020

Understanding an organically grown application landscape and modelling criticality based on different views of application and data risk.

Man Technology Team
Notebooker: From Jupyter Notebook to a reproducible report in a jiffy September 2020

Man Group's newly open-sourced project, Notebooker, empowers users to publish their work with a few simple clicks.

Jon Bannister
Super-charge Your Python Builds - Test What Matters, Stop Testing What Doesn't August 2020

With PartialTesting, we can speed up build-times and reduce compute requirements – run the tests that matter, ignore those that don’t!

Man Technology Team
Technology response to the challenges of COVID-19 June 2020

How Man Group's Technology teams enabled the firm to thrive remotely.

Tom Price , Toby Bridgham
What Do Your Colleagues Really Think of You? Leveraging Data-Driven Technology to Find Out April 2020

Man Group recently open sourced their own, internally designed feedback tool - Adaero. Here’s why …

Charlotte Keefe, ,
D-Tale: A Lightweight Web-Client for Visualising Data Structures September 2019

We've recently open-sourced another tool, called D-Tale (a.k.a. ‘the details of your data’).

Man Technology Team
Natural Language Processing in Finance: Shakespeare Without the Monkeys July 2019

Financial markets are now being swayed not only by numbers, but also by words. How can automatic analysis of text by computers, also known as Natural Language Processing, predict financial movements?

Slavi Marinov
Open Source at Man Group June 2019

Open Source licensing is mainstream today and for modern data science libraries it has become practically the default.

Man Okcli: an Oracle® Database Command Line Interface May 2019

Open sourcing a new database tool.

Man Technology Team
Instrument Your Infrastructure With Prometheus April 2019

Here’s how we use the Prometheus time-series database for insight into our systems.

OpenStack VM Balancing With Python March 2019

Managing OpenStack Virtual Machines to improve user experience, avoid capacity constraints and maximise hardware performance.

Henrik Bilar
Capturing System Core Dumps November 2018

AHL Tech Article 'Capturing System Core Dumps'.

Henrik Bilar
A Short Review of Dataframes in JavaScript June 2018

A clear leading dataframe implementation in JavaScript has not emerged. This article gives a review of a selection of the current options and poses the question - “what would an ideal JavaScript dataframe look like?”.

Barry Fitzgerald
Core Dumping, in Docker and Beyond May 2018

How we centralized and simplified the capture of core dumps in Docker using common Linux tools.

Henrik Bilar
Logging in Large Mathematical Models March 2018

How do you perform logging in software that represents a large mathematical model? If the model isn't behaving as expected, is it the code or the data that's at fault?

Man Technology Team
Testing with Pytest January 2018

At AHL, automated testing is a key tool to help us produce high quality code. For our Python based tests we rely heavily on Pytest. In this article we look at why we chose Pytest and how we use it.

Edward Easton
Man AHL: an intern's perspective December 2017

I have been fortunate to have spent three months as an intern at Man AHL, a quantitative investment manager. Man AHL is well known for its creativity, innovation and technical prowess – but what is it like for an intern?

The Curious Case of the Longevity of C October 2017

Despite a reputation for fast change some technology choices have stayed remarkably static over the past few decades.

Man Technology Team
Why Python? September 2017

At Man AHL, we use Python for almost everything. We build models in Python, support trading systems in Python, and write web visualisation tools in Python.

Man Technology Team

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