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Man Group normally declares and pays dividends twice per year, following the announcement of the final and interim results of the Company. Shareholders can receive the payment as cash paid either directly into a bank or building society account or by cheque. Alternatively, shareholders can choose to reinvest their dividend payment into the Company, by joining the Man Group Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) - details of which can be found below.

Interim dividend (in respect of the year ending 31 December 2015)

Announcement date 29 July 2015
Ex-dividend date 13 August 2015
Record date 14 August 2015
Payment date 02 September 2015
Dividend amount 3.47 pence

Dividend history

Dividend no Payment date Amount per share (p) Ex-dividend date Record date DRIP 
DRIP share price (p) DRIP share purchase date
 O/17  02/09/15  3.47  13/08/15  14/08/15  Yes  152.23  03/09/15
 O/16  15/05/15  3.95  23/04/15  24/04/15  Yes  176.998  15/05/15
 O/15  03/09/14  2.37  13/08/14  15/08/14  Yes 122.70

A full history of the dividends paid by the company can be found by clicking on the link below.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

The Company offers a Dividend Reinvestment Plan which gives shareholders the opportunity to use their dividend to purchase further Man Group plc shares. Shareholders receive as many whole shares as can be bought with their dividend, taking into account any costs of the DRIP. Any residual monies left, after purchasing the shares out of your dividend payment, will be added to your next dividend payment.

The DRIP terms and conditions and the DRIP mandate form, can be found below. Should you have any questions on the scheme, please contact Equiniti, on 0371 384 2112 or +44 (0)121 415 7592 from overseas.

Dividend bank mandates

In the UK shareholders can choose to have their dividend payments credited directly into their bank or building society account on the dividend payment date.

If you would like to arrange for your payments to be made directly into your account, please complete the dividend mandate form below and return to Equiniti, at the address shown.
Shareholders based outside the UK, can ask Equiniti to arrange payments directly into their bank account. For further information on the service, please visit Equiniti's website using the link below.

2007 Return of cash

On 24 July 2007 Man disposed of a majority interest in MF Global, by way of an initial public offering and listing on the New York Stock Exchange, for net proceeds of US$2.75 billion. Following this disposal, shareholders approved a return of cash, on 23 November 2007, amounting to a sterling equivalent of US$1.40 per existing ordinary share.

On 26th November 2007, Man's ordinary shares of 3 US cents each ("Old Ordinary Shares") were consolidated into New Ordinary Shares of 3.4285 (3 and 3/7ths) US cents each ("New Ordinary Shares") in the ratio of seven New Ordinary Shares for every eight Old Ordinary Shares held. On the same date Shareholders were issued with one B Share or C Share for each Old Ordinary Share that they held at the Record Time.

In accordance with the terms of the Return of Cash, the Dividend Alternative and the Immediate Capital Alternative were effected in December 2007 and the Deferred Capital Alternative was effected in July 2008.

The Return of Cash may affect the tax position of shareholders. A general guide to the tax position of shareholders who are subject to tax in the UK can be found in the attached document ‘Tax information’. Further information on the Return of Cash can be found in the ‘Return of Cash Circular’. Shareholders who are in any doubt about their tax position, or who are subject to tax in a jurisdiction other than the United Kingdom, should consult an appropriate advisor.



Rachel Rowson

Company Secretariat
Tel: +44 (0)20 7144 1000


Shareholder Registrar
Tel: 0371 384 2112

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