Mission Statement

To continue building on and enhancing our adaptable, scalable core infrastructure and trading platform through exceptional people, process and technology. Striving to build an unparalleled user experience for all teams involved in the asset management process and system flows. In pursuit of this, foster a culture that promotes centralisation and standardisation, whilst providing the business units the autonomy and flexibility to be innovative, each in their own way.


Department and Team Overview

Trading Platform Technology

Trading Platform Technology is responsible for technology solutions at the forefront of our asset management business and the trade lifecycle. This includes a wide and varied range of business functions such as portfolio management, order management, sales & marketing, trade execution, accounting, operations, compliance, regulatory reporting and risk. The team delivers this through a hybrid estate of in-house and third-party, on-prem and cloud solutions, which we feel gives the business the best of what the world of technology has to offer.

In addition, Trading Platform Technology are dedicated to evolving our technology departments through continuous platform improvements, architectural tools and patterns, business analysis, project management, design, development, data management, visualisation, support and vendor management.

Core Technology

Core Technology is split into End User Technology, Core Infrastructure Technology and Corporate Technology.


Life in Trading Platform & Core Technology


In the ManOS team we are responsible for creating a modern platform which not only delivers apps that benefit users but also powers other services and apps across Man Group.

Yarden Principal Engineer, Trading Technology


I am especially proud to be part of the tech savvy Core Technology team, where we are not afraid to continually push the envelope, whilst seeking to be at the forefront of technology.

Yinka Staff Engineer, Database Manager



In the Trading Tech team we’re tasked with evolving a bespoke mission-critical trading platform into a modern distributed microservices architecture. We have the opportunity to utilize the latest tools and technologies to build out our next generation platform.

Jeff Principal Engineer, Trading Technology



Man’s culture is very engaging, diverse and motivational, with an emphasis on striving for excellence. It’s a great place for young starters, as they’re exposed to new skills, robust and modern technology and an ever evolving tech platform.

Uche Business Process Transformation Analyst


After returning from my extended paternity leave, I was given an exciting project with a potentially huge business impact.

Nawaf Principal Engineer, Platform Technology


Join the Team

We are always looking for high potential engineers, project managers and business analysts to join our team as apprentices, graduates or permanent members of the team. For graduates we offer a two year Technology Graduate Programme, starting in September of every second even year (i.e. 2022, 2024, 2026 and so on). This is a great opportunity to join a prestigious tech team with rotations spread across three streams: Analysis, Engineering and Infrastructure.

Careers at Man Group


From quantum computing and data science to innovations in database management and trade execution, technology powers everything we do.