Man GPM Bridge Lane. A private debt specialist.

About Man GPM Bridge Lane

Man GPM Bridge Lane (‘Bridge Lane’) is a private debt specialist that focuses on direct lending to asset-rich, non-sponsored small and middle market companies. We target investments that we believe have high potential for value enhancement, which may result from a scarcity of traditional capital sources, market inefficiencies, misunderstood assets or complex situations. Bridge Lane seeks to partner with strong and experienced management teams whose companies are poised for near-term growth but lack adequate capital to execute on their business plan.


Our Approach

As senior portfolio managers we have more than 25 years' combined experience investing in the private debt asset class, deploying over $2bn across more than 150 private credit investments*. The relationships we have built are longstanding and diverse, and we are proud to have cultivated a reputation as a trusted capital partner during this period.

We pride ourselves in providing responsive and rapid feedback on every opportunity we are presented, whether it is a fast decline or something we wish to evaluate more closely. This respectful and thoughtful approach allows us to see hundreds of prospective investments per year and be selective in choosing those that best fit our investment strategy.

* as at 31 March 2019

The assets underlying our investments are a key component of the strategy. We only lend to companies that have assets to help preserve our capital under scenarios of stress and market dislocation.

We are industry agnostic; however, we have significant expertise in the following areas:

  • Consumer and commercial specialty finance assets.
  • Transportation assets, including aircraft, rail cars, and containers.
  • Niche financial assets.
  • Opportunistic real estate.

We are experienced investors and understand that complexity requires a thoughtful approach to an investment’s structure. Each of our investments requires a customized structure tailored to the assets, their underlying cash flow and expected performance to seek to ensure adequate protections, controls, and alignment of interest. Although we focus on debt investments, from time to time we also take equity positions, and will invest both on and off balance sheet, as most appropriate for the opportunity presented.

Our investment process is built around robust and repeatable underwriting criteria that allow us to efficiently tailor the appropriate structure and framework around the assets that support the investment.

Bridge Lane targets North American companies in need of customized debt financing solutions that allow management the capital to pursue their business plan and build enterprise value. In order for our capital to be useful we understand that it must be accretive to the overall platform for growth.

We seek to finance companies that can use our investment to scale their business in a measured and systematic way, focusing foremost on risk management and capital preservation.


Investment Philosophy

We seek to provide clients access to proprietary (non-sponsored) private debt opportunities. We target investments that share the following characteristics:

Principal Preservation

Our asset-focused approach is the cornerstone of our investment process. We seek to analyze and understand the collateral that underpins our investments under various levels of potential stress and possible market dislocation.

Current Income

We target investments that we believe can deliver current income to investors from interest payments (typically floating rate), fees and potential equity participation.

Proprietary Originations

We seek to provide access to opportunities that are not available elsewhere. Our internal sourcing capabilities are a result of our 25+ combined years of experience investing together in private debt. It is through these relationships that we tend to originate our investments, typically as the sole or lead agent on a transaction. Should we decide to co-invest alongside our peers, we only do so with like-minded firms we know and trust.

Internally Sourced, Underwritten, and Structured

In order to be a valuable capital provider we believe it is necessary to thoughtfully match the due diligence process and investment terms to the specific characteristics of each potential opportunity. We take a considered approach to prudently financing assets, including tailored covenants, controls, and documents to seek to best position ourselves for any unforeseen events.

Highly Monitored

Once an investment is made, diligent oversight and surveillance is required to monitor its performance. We are an experienced team that has financed a diverse set of assets over multiple cycles. Frequent reporting from counterparties on how the assets perform is paramount to our risk management process.


We have invested as a fiduciary on behalf of a diverse set of clients since 2004 and understand the need for relevant and current information about private debt assets. We work to deliver this information frequently and thoroughly so investors can understand their underlying investments.

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