Real Estate Equity – UK Community Housing

The UK Community Housing Strategy (the ‘Strategy’) is a real estate strategy that seeks to generate financial and social returns by investing in the UK affordable housing sector.

  • Affordable homes are properties that are rented or sold at a discount to market rate
  • The public sector is not building enough affordable homes
  • The strategy develops housing stock that is predominantly leased to UK councils and housing associations
  • It is managed by a dedicated team of investment professionals with long-term experience in the sector


The Strategy seeks to alleviate what we feel has been a significant and persistent mismatch in supply and demand within the UK housing market. The strategy is designed to provide new affordable housing units to the market with a view to generating long-term inflation protected income, coupled with capital gain potential.

We seek to develop mixed tenure communities and lease them to creditworthy lease counterparties, across the UK. We strongly believe that the financial and social return of investments in the affordable housing sector are closely linked, and we therefore operate within an explicit social impact framework.

The Strategy is managed from GPM’s London office, by an investment team with long-term experience in the UK residential real estate and affordable housing markets.

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