Three questions for ...

Nawaf Ibrahim

Three questions for ...
Team: Investment Management Technology Location: London, UK Tenure: Since 2012

Q: You recently took extended paternity leave. Was it easy to reintegrate into life at Man?

While Man were very good at not disturbing me while I was on leave, I did go in a couple of times to stay in touch. I had already agreed to have a new role upon my return from leave so I knew exactly what was going to happen and how the team was going to be re-structured.


Q: Since returning from paternity leave have you been offered interesting project opportunities and how easy is it to balance your work and family life?

Yes, I am now working on an exciting project that covers many business functions. As always, flexible working (even before COVID-19) meant that I could work from home more often to spend more time with the family and cut out the commute time.


Q: You have been working in the Man Technology team for a long time, what do you like most about its culture and do you feel the job is still interesting after so many years?

I have held various roles within technology, initially joining as a development team lead and I subsequently worked as a risk developer, operations developer, and operations team lead, so I never had time to get bored of a particular role. The thing I like most about our culture is the lack of red tape and the ability to gather requirements and feedback easily from users all over the company.


Q: What would you say to a new joiner looking to build their career over the coming years at Man?

I would recommend that they keep their eyes open for opportunities throughout the organisation. There are no prescribed minimum periods to spend at each role, so if the role doesn’t seem to be a good fit or if they feel that they can be of greater benefit to the firm by moving to another role then they should consider that. There is also the option of spending their 10% time doing something that is useful to the firm but not necessarily part of their existing role. This will greatly amplify their presence within the firm and provide them with even better opportunities in the future.



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