PyData London - 59th Meetup

The 59th meetup saw talks from Isambard Poulson, Emma Gordon and Taylor Brownlow.

At Man Group, we believe in the Python ecosystem and have been trading Machine Learning based systems since early 2014. To give back and strengthen London’s Python and Machine Learning Communities, we sponsor and support the PyData and Machine Learning London Meetups.

In October, we had the pleasure of welcoming Isambard Poulson, Emma Gordon, and Taylor Brownlow to the PyData Meetup.

Isambard Poulson on “A Startup Journey”

A talk on how we [Huq] went through our early stages with data scaling in Python, warts and all.

Emma Gordon on “Writing Code? Pffft… Evolve it instead!”

We’re heading into a future of delivery drones, driverless cars and 3D-printed “hoverboards”… With machines now able to perform many tasks better than humans, some people are going to be out of a job. But not software developers, right?! Could a computer generate the code you currently write for a living?

In this talk, we’ll take a look at one of the many biologically inspired approaches to AI-Genetic Algorithms, and how they can be used to generate code given a description of the function that that code should perform.

Spoiler - you’re probably not out of a job, yet?

Lightning Talks

Taylor Brownlow on “Count”


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