PyData London - 58th Meetup

At Man Group, we believe in the Python ecosystem and have been trading Machine Learning based systems since early 2014.

To give back and strengthen London’s Python and Machine Learning Communities, we sponsor and support the PyData and Machine Learning London Meetups.

In September, we had the pleasure of welcoming Zack Akil, and Eyal Kazin to the PyData Meetup.

Zack Akil on “Shooting Hoops with Keras and TensorFlow”

I’ll show you how I turned being bad at shooting b-ball outside of the school into a multi neural network based mobile application that does real time analysis of my limited basketball skills.

Eyal Kazin on “Protein Design by Multi-Objective Optimisation”

When optimising for multiple factors, a common practice is to reduce the problem to 1D, which, because of the limited search space, is likely to result in a suboptimal solution. In Multi-Objective Optimisation we consider a set of trade-off solutions, called the Pareto Front, as the optimal set, and by so explore a multi-dimensional space, where we are more likely to find improved solutions. Motivated by the challenge to empirically navigate the vast DNA combinatorial sequence space to discover therapeutic proteins, I discuss Pareto Front optimisation using Evolutionary Algorithms. In particular, I highlight DEAP, a Python platform for prototyping.

Lightning Talks

Diego Arenas on “Automated Exploratory Data Analysis on Databases”


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