A Gilded Age for Emerging Markets: Alpha Through Data

How can investors use data analysis to improve their chances of success in emerging markets? 

Emerging markets may still have significant long-term growth potential, comparable to the acceleration in the US economy and market during its ‘Gilded Age’ in the late 19th century. Yet while high, this growth is likely to be volatile and unevenly distributed – making alpha more important than beta in emerging markets. We believe superior data origination, analysis and application will be essential in unlocking this alpha.

Our new paper is not an attempt to predict precisely how, when or even if emerging markets will reach parity in investment terms with developed markets. Rather, the focus will be on how investors today can seek to use data analysis to improve their chances of success in emerging markets. In our view, it is the analysis and interpretation of data that will prove vital to capturing opportunities and reducing risk.


  • Data in Emerging Markets: The data proliferation requires not only expert analytic skills, but also rigorous due diligence
  • EM and Quant Equity: The increased availability and quality of EM data offer quantitative investors the chance to diversify their momentum signals and broaden their alpha sources
  • EM and Sovereign Debt: Emerging-market bonds have entered the data age but the analysis still often requires a human edge
  • EM and Trend-Following: Diverse commodities exchanges and greater liquidity are helping take established developed-market strategies to new frontiers

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