Man Alternative Risk Premia Strategy

The Man Alternative Risk Premia Strategy is a multi-factor, multi-strategy, multi-asset strategy which seeks to allow for performance across varied market conditions while aiming to be uncorrelated to traditional assets. Man has a long history of researching, implementing and executing alternative risk factors and this strategy leverages from one of the world’s largest quantitative R&D groups into alternative risk factor investing.

  • Long Term Experience - This strategy leverages from the research, development and trading of systematic strategies since 1987, combined with 25 years’ experience of risk oversight and portfolio construction
  • Diversification - The multi-factor, multi-asset, multi-strategy approach is an important tool in seeking to reduce the overall risk of our investment portfolios without sacrificing the expected return. We look to diversify portfolio risk across all factors to remain risk-balanced over time while reducing exposure to risks for which we are not compensated
  • Risk Management - Multi-layered risk management processes employed aiming to fully understand and avoid risks, design appropriate risk management frameworks and implement continuous monitoring
  • Systematic Approach - Allocates across four broad alternative risk factors; Momentum, Carry, Value and Defensive wholly through internally developed underlying alternative risk premia strategies which allocate across all four major asset classes (Equities, Fixed Income, FX and Commodities)

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