GLG Global Credit Multi Strategy

GLG Global Credit Multi Strategy is a multi-strategy portfolio that seeks to generate top quartile absolute returns with limited correlation to credit and equity markets+.
  • Managed by Danilo Rippa who is supported by a global team of 22 dedicated asset managers and analysts, all of whom have deep asset class specific expertise
  • Dynamically allocates capital between strategies (please see the ‘Approach’ section below for details) based on qualitative and quantitative factors
  • Combines a top-down and bottom-up approach to portfolio construction
  • Employs both fundamental and technical analysis in the investment process
  • Optimises exposure in any given capital structure with a focus on seniority


The managers aim to produce returns with low correlation to global equity and credit markets. They pursue this objective through a multi-strategy approach which may include but is not limited to convertible arbitrage, capital structure arbitrage, credit relative value, distressed, event-driven, long-short equity and other relative value strategies that the managers deem appropriate. The managers may also implement hedging strategies to mitigate risks.

The underlying asset managers of the books are given a relatively wide degree of freedom and discretion, playing to their strengths and sectoral/regional expertise.

They are not constrained by a ‘house view’ and are part of the wider Man GLG Credit and Convertibles platform where active discussion and collaboration is encouraged between members of the team.

Approach Alternative
Asset Class Fixed Income
Geographic Focus Global