GLG Event Driven

The GLG Event Driven strategy employs a market neutral, global risk arbitrage and event driven strategy that focuses on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).
  • The investment team is led by Cristian Cibrario, a highly-skilled Portfolio Manager with over 20 years’ experience
  • The strategy applies a long/short approach which seeks to profit from M&A deal spread driven opportunities uncorrelated to the market
  • The strategy employs a consistent, disciplined and scalable investment process that involves screening and analysing all new deals through proprietary modelling created by a highly experienced team
  • The investment process has been developed over a number of years and is structured, disciplined and has been historically reliable
  • The team is able to target small and mid-cap deals, which typically have limited analyst coverage across multiple sectors and geographies to deliver a globally diversified portfolio


The portfolio management team will seek to provide absolute returns over a rolling three-year period, by taking both long and short positions in event driven investment opportunities across global equity markets. The strategy will not have a particular sectoral, industry or market capitalisation focus and the team will seek to build a relatively diversified, actively managed portfolio of positions, which focuses on maximising absolute returns.

The team will closely monitor the ongoing announcements of global mergers and acquisitions reviewing the terms of such deals to assess whether they will reach successful completion. Once the universe has been narrowed, the team undertakes legal, regulatory and fundamental analysis in order to make its final investment decision. Upon reaching its decision, the team will select those investments which it believes will provide the best price spread between current market prices and the value of securities upon successful completion of a takeover or merger transaction. The team will also monitor for events where there has been a public disclosure (such as strategic reviews and activist investor involvement) that have impacted the value of an investment.

Approach Alternative
Asset Class Multi-asset
Geographic Focus Global

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