FRM Global Equity Long Short

The FRM Global Equity Long Short strategy is a concentrated portfolio of equity long-short managers with different investment styles and geographies. Man FRM has extensive experience in Equity Long-Short investing since 1998.

The key features of the strategy are:

  • Aims to capture equity market upside driven by stock selection, while seeking to preserving capital on the downside through active risk management
  • Seeks to produce comparable or better returns than long-only strategies, with less risk
  • Invests in concentrated strategies focusing on what we view as the manager’s specific skill advantage
  • Underlying managers tend to be nimble and flexible, thus in our view have greater potential to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities
  • Focuses on high conviction, flexible managers who have the potential to capitalize on long-short equity opportunities while seeking to mitigate concentration risks that arise from investing with a single manager

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