Levelling up your
technical competency.



Our content ranges from Python and data science to technical project management. Designed for both complete beginners and experienced professionals.


Students enrolled in <develop> come from all business areas of Man Group. Some have never attempted any coding while others want to refine their skills in a structured way.


<Get in Touch>

If you are a charity or organisation, and are interested in upskilling your staff / students, please get in contact!


Email : [email protected]


We are looking to work with people who are passionate about technology. Our courses give an insight to how technology can be used in a financial context. Our beginner courses are suitable for those with no prior programming experience.


<Course Experience>


The courses cover three main areas in-depth: the Python programming language, data science and project management. All material is focused on applications to the financial industry.


Course structure:

  • 8 to 10 lessons of 1 hour each
  • Pre-reading material for each lesson
  • Homework exercises
  • Practical projects
  • Final evaluation

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