Maersk on How the International Shipping Industry Goes Carbon Neutral

John Kornerup Bang says how the shipping industry – essential to global trade, yet produces 3% of emissions – could get to neutral.

The international shipping industry is essential to maintaining global trade flows. But global trade comes at a cost. Shipping may be the least environmentally damaging form of commercial transport, but it still accounts for almost 3% of global carbon emissions. Learn why climate change represents an important factor for the international shipping industry, and why Maersk is leading the industry with an ambitious commitment to go carbon neutral by 2050.


Recording date: 01 Feb 2019


John Kornerup

John Kornerup Bang is Head of Sustainability Strategy and Climate Strategy at Maersk. With 20 years of experience working on sustainable globalization, he drives the development of the overall direction and priorities on sustainability as well as work on solving larger systemic issues related to global logistics through combining commercial muscle with multi-stakeholder partnerships. For the past three years, John has served as advisor from Maersk to Ban Ki Moon’s High Level Advisory Group on sustainable transportation and its linkage to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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