Three questions for ...

Yinka Shoge

Three questions for ...
Team: Core Technology - Database Location: London, UK Tenure: Since 2014

Q: What technologies or techniques are you deploying at Man that you would not expect to see in such a large financial institution?

Here at Man, the ability to embrace new technology is encouraged, which is not the case in other large organisations I have worked for previously. In Core Tech there is an emphasis on applying DevOps principles across the board, which drives a lot of the team’s key deliverables, such as continuous automation. Use of DevOps related tools, including Jenkins and Git, have also helped various teams. For example, the database team automated a number of their repetitive processes, helping improve productivity.


Q: To deliver a resilient core infrastructure service at Man what are the key attributes that the team offers?

From the database team’s perspective we have put a wide variety of measures in place to ensure that the database platform offers our stake holders a reliable and resilient service. Examples of measures put in place by the team are:

  • Database Resiliency - High Availability solutions
  • Cloud Technology onboarding
  • Containerisation through Docker
  • Continuous Automation of repetitive processes e.g. Ansible playbooks, Octopus


Q: What would you say to someone looking to join Core Infrastructure?

Core Infrastructure is an exciting place to work. Not only is the team passionate about technology, but is also lively and vibrant and encourages all members to be innovative. This is one of the many reasons why I enjoy working at Man in Core Tech, which encompasses different tech areas including Database, Network, IT Ops, Wintel and Storage.



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