Three questions for ...

Yarden Jacobson

Three questions for ...
Team: Trading Technology Location: London, UK Tenure: Since 2018

Q: What technologies or techniques are you deploying at Man that you would not expect to see in a large financial institution?

Everything we are building is constructed with 3 things in mind:

  • Resilience – the ability to overcome errors and technical issues without affecting our users;
  • Visibility – the ability to trace and log activity spanning multiple services;
  • Performance & Scale – the ability to support business growth and needs while creating fast and high-performance apps and services.

In order to achieve this we design every service to be available with green-blue and zero time deployments (i.e. controlled rolling releases that reduce downtime to zero for deployments and have an automatic disaster recovery fallback without impacting critical business operations). Our services and apps span multiple data centres to provide automatic disaster recovery.

From a technology perspective, we use the latest technologies for each component, such as .Net core, GraphQL and MongoDB. These provide the ability to create dependable and flexible real-time positions APIs, capable of powering complex applications and algorithms.


Q: Do you see genuine end user benefit from the apps and services that you build within the team?

We collaborate with our users and build apps designed with their needs in mind.

Users are accessing mobile apps more than ever and expect us to provide them with an exceptional user experience even when they are out of the office.

In addition, we opted to make our APIs available across the company so other developers can leverage them and build great apps for their users as well.


Q: What would you say to someone considering applying for a role in Trading Technology at Man?

I would highly recommend joining the team, where forward-thinking, open, collaborative technology meets investment management. We have a team of exceptional people with a great engineering culture, combined with a real drive to push things forward and support the business.

From my personal perspective, work-life balance is something really important and Man provide me with the flexibility and support to achieve team goals whilst also being cognizant of my family commitments.



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