Three questions for ...

Uche Anyiam

Three questions for ...
Team: Service Desk Location: London, UK Tenure: Since 2019

Q: What aspects of working in End User Support at Man do you find the most rewarding and enjoyable?

I enjoy being able to engage with and help solve people’s problems at work. Speaking to different internal users on a day-to-day basis has allowed me to build rapport with various divisions across the business. With this, I can develop my knowledge base, which I then share with the rest of my team.

I also enjoy the training sessions that take place with other teams. Man Group as a whole values teamwork and that is demonstrated throughout the end user support programme. I find this a very rewarding environment as it encourages me to learn how to work efficiently with others and to familiarise myself with new approaches and tools.


Q: On a day-to-day basis what does the working environment look like in End User Support?

I would describe the day-to-day life in End User Support as fast-paced. Every day brings a new, exciting challenge that creates an opportunity to learn something different. Dealing with new cases on a regular basis means that I am constantly exposed to fresh ideas and troubleshooting methods that solve multiple issues across the business. The fact that I deal with different tasks daily allows me to think quickly on my feet and develop strong problem-solving skills that will prove useful further in my career.


Q: What would you say to someone in the earlier years of their career who is considering moving to TP&CT at Man?

TP&CT is a fast-paced environment that suits individuals who like to learn and think on their feet. We are also given the freedom to learn and improve from our mistakes in a controlled environment. The firm also run periodic Town Hall sessions that provide open communication on departmental performance, upcoming initiatives and notable changes. I find this particularly beneficial from a guidance perspective, as it helps me keep on track whilst navigating my career progression.

If career progression is important to you, then this is very much promoted within TP&CT at Man. In TP&CT we are encouraged to use the internal online learning platforms such as Udemy, as well as having the option to request funding for external courses, both of which can enhance your career development plan.



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