Three questions for ...

Natalie Newman

Three questions for ...
Team: Trading Technology Location: London, UK Tenure: Since 2018

Q: When considering the job at Man, did you have any concerns?

Moving to a new role is always going to be a challenge. Especially after spending 15 years with my previous company. What is it really like at Man? Are my skills transferable? Can I cut it?


Q: After 15 months of working at Man, what can you say about its culture? Did the job meet your expectations?

Over the past 15 months I have found Man's culture to be progressive and supportive. As a team I really feel we have built the foundations of a transparent and productive prioritisation process and remain focused on building a collaborative culture between technology and key stakeholders. I am confident that these core competencies will continue to develop over the coming months.


Q: What would you say to an experienced professional who is considering Man as a potential employer?

I genuinely feel Man is a progressive company where employees can voice their opinions and they will be heard and considered. There appear to be multiple career opportunities and it is a company I can see myself remaining at for many years to come. I would encourage others to take a leap of faith and consider joining Man.



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