Three questions for ...

Madena Mohamadi

Three questions for ...
Team: Production Support Location: Boston, US Tenure: Since 2016

Q: Tell us about the systems you are responsible for maintaining and the team you run to do so?

The Business and Investment Production Support, or BIPS, team plays a crucial role in coordinating and maintaining all automated processes within the firm. The team oversees the daily operations of our portfolio construction process (alpha process) and the implementation of those portfolios in the marketplace (trading/operations processes). This entails monitoring a vast number of processes, referred to as "jobs", executed in Control-M, dealing with failures (both expected and unexpected), escalating problems that cannot be immediately resolved, and acting as a point of communication throughout their resolution.


Q: In what way have you as a team leader improved the support process to give tangible benefits to the business?

In the past two years, since I took on a management role, the team and I have completed several projects that contributed to decreasing the overall number of production delays by over 50% in 2019 vs 2018. This decrease in delays improves the work/life balance of both investments and technology teams involved with production.

These projects include:

  • consolidating our schedules and transferring thousands of jobs to Control-M, decommissioning Tivoli, and reducing complexity and opportunity for scheduling errors;
  • working closely with developers to decommission thousands of SAS processes;
  • regular audits of production, monitoring alerts and time checks to seek out opportunities for minor adjustments within our schedules and areas of improvement.


Q: What would you say to someone who is looking to join TP&CT at Man?

As someone who has worked on the trading support team for a little over three years, my experience at Man has been nothing but positive and filled with opportunities for growth, both professional and personal. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding place to work then this is the place for you!



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