Three questions for ...

James Bashford

Three questions for ...
Team: Enterprise Architecture Location: London, UK Tenure: Since 2015

Q: As someone who has changed career direction whilst at Man, how did you find the process involved in this and do you feel career mobility is genuinely supported?

My situation was somewhat non-standard in that I was moving from a contract role to a permanent position and to a role that didn’t exist when I first suggested it. What I will say is that I was able find a new role based on the respect I had earned being a solid engineer and a valuable member of staff. My experience of Man Group meant I was able to be as effective as any external hire would be while I got up to speed on the new role.

As a permanent member of staff, I know that career mobility is something Man Group actively promote. People from different teams or parts of the business bring different ways of thinking about problems, the more views you have on how to solve a problem, the more likely you are to find the best solution.


Q: What aspects of working in Enterprise Architecture do you find the most rewarding and enjoyable?

The Enterprise Architecture team was founded the day I changed roles. We’re still finding our feet and where Enterprise Architecture fits in at Man Group. It’s been rewarding to be part of moulding the team into something that compliments the impressive skill base and the agile working practices we have here at Man.


Q: What would you say to someone who is looking to join TP&CT at Man?

Go for it. When you get to Man, be yourself. Don’t be afraid to give your views or put forward your solutions, that’s what you’ve been hired for.



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