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Quarterly Funds Under Management Statement 2006

11 January 2007

  • Funds under management at today's date are estimated to be over $60 billion, up from $56.8 billion at 30 September 2006.
  • Sales in the three months to 31 December 2006 totaled $2.5 billion of which Man's global launch, Man MGS Access Ltd, accounted for $0.3 billion. Joint venture sales accounted for $0.5 billion. Other private investor sales, mainly relating to open-ended funds, accounted for $1.0 billion. Institutional sales in the quarter were $0.7 billion.
  • Performance added $2 billion and currency translation impacts and other adjustments added $0.3 billion. The split of funds under management is private investor over $36.5 billion (30 September 2006: $34.6 billion) and institutional over $23.5 billion (30 September 2006: $22.2 billion).
  • Redemptions totaled $1.1 billion, of which private investor were $0.7 billion. The most recent global launch raised $365 million in its multiple offerings but will not start trading until late January - it is therefore not included in the figures for this period.

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