Making Japan Great Again Through Corporate Governance Reform

Dr Ryohei Yanagi highlights the efforts Japanese companies are making to help create value through improved corporate governance.

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What’s the value of good governance? What’s a company’s commitment to ESG reporting and greater transparency worth? Learn the story behind Japan’s turn to corporate governance reform and how leaders like Dr Ryohei Yanagi are not only advocating for its wider adoption but also helping to define how we measure its success.


Recording date: 01 Jun 2018


Dr Ryohei Yanagi

Dr Ryohei Yanagi is Visiting Professor at Tokyo University and Visiting Lecturer at Waseda University Graduate School of Accountancy, teaching and researching Corporate Governance, Financial Strategy and Investor Relations. He is also the CFO of Eisai, a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company with over 10,000 employees and a listing in the Topix 100. Yanagi-san is an advisor to the Japanese government and the Tokyo Stock Exchange on corporate disclosure and governance.


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