How to Save the World: Green Bonds and Central Bank Regulation

The Bank of England’s Michael Sheren discusses how financial markets can be incentivised to fund sustainable infrastructure.

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Why are some central banks increasingly focused on the relationship between climate change and the global financial system while others remain disengaged? What are the limits to how central banks can address these issues? Learn why the Bank of England has emerged as one of the leading voices in articulating the financial risks of climate change, and how green securitisation could tap credit markets to fund sustainable growth needs.


Michael appears in his personal capacity. His commentary does not necessarily reflect the views of the Bank of England.


Recording date: 28 May 2019


Michael Sheren

Michael Sheren is a Senior Advisor to the Bank of England where he provides counsel and independent challenge on matters concerning, governance, policy and financial markets. Michael also co-chairs the G20 Sustainable Finance Study Group with China, and is actively involved in domestic and international green finance activities including bilateral negotiations related to the UK’s Economic and Finance Dialogues with China, Brazil and India. Michael spent twenty five years in the debt capital markets where he specialized in the structuring, distribution and trading debt which underpins his views.


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