Climate, Catastrophes and the US Policy Response

Alice Hill, former special assistant to President Barack Obama, discusses fires, floods and the US climate policy response.

US climate resilience is a complex mix of inter-agency coordination, national disaster insurance programs, building codes and support for scientific research. Which makes it incredibly vulnerable to the policy agenda of each administration. Learn how US climate policy responses are undermining critical infrastructure and agency support and why the current administration deserves a grade of D- to F.


Alice appears in her personal capacity. Her commentary does not necessarily reflect the views of Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. for which she serves on the Board of Directors.


Recording date: 01.07.2019


Alice Hill

Alice Hill is the Senior Fellow for Climate Change Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations. She served at the White House as Special Assistant to President Barack Obama and Senior Director for resilience policy on the National Security Council. Alice was a member of Obama's climate team and led the creation of national policy regarding catastrophic risk, including the impacts of climate change. Prior to joining the White House, Hill served as Senior Counselor to the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Oxford University Press will be publish her co-authored book, Building a Resilient Tomorrow: Preparing for the Coming Climate Disruption, in October 2019.


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