Man Group’s second Hackathon took place on Saturday 2nd November 2019, welcoming students and professionals to our London office to improve the Python Data Science ecosystem together. Over the course of the day, one hundred people worked in teams to fix bugs, add tests, write documentation and implement new, exciting features, and results were pushed to open-source repositories. Dozens of unit tests were added, and a hundred pull requests were generated. During the hackathon, quant-developers from Man Group worked with the participants and made their own contributions to the open source community.

Everyone enjoyed a day of fun and code, exploring and improving the Python platform they use every day!




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If you’re looking for other ways to get involved with the community, try the regular PyData and Machine Learning London Meetups which we host. Follow us on Twitter @ManQuantTech to hear of any other events we run in future.


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At Man Group, we rely on the flourishing Python ecosystem, and our Open Source Hackathon is one of the ways we give back to the community.

Over the years, Man Quant Technology developers have contributed to many projects (check out and we also sponsor the PyData and Machine Learning meet-ups in London.

Through this event, we hope to further grow the community surrounding these open-source projects.


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