Strategies. From long-only to long-short, across various investment styles and asset classes, we have a range of strategies to suit investors’ needs.

Welcome to Clarus

Clarus is Man Group’s transparency portal that enables clients to monitor and understand their investment positions, risk and performance.



Combining sophisticated analytics with comprehensive portfolio reporting tools on a single platform, Clarus aims to power informed decision-making, effective risk management and strong governance. Clarus helps answer the important questions, every day:

How is an investment performing?

Don’t wait for the performance report.

With Clarus, performance can be instantly monitored at the portfolio and manager level, and compared to a wide range of benchmarks.

What risks is a portfolio exposed to?

Gain access to a thorough and timely understanding of risk with Clarus.

Risk factors, VaR, sensitivities, stress tests, and much more can be navigated for a real appreciation of risk level.

What’s driving performance?

Puzzled by performance?

Clarus lets investors delve into contributions and allocations, all the way to position level, to discover the source of performance.

Want to adjust a portfolio?

Look beyond a current portfolio with Clarus’ construction tool.

Whether an investor is looking to make a big change or just a small adjustment, Clarus’ modelling powers can support informed decision-making.

A New Generation of Transparency

Fully Flexible

  • Design workspaces at the click of a button and Clarus will remember preferences
  • Share analysis with colleagues, trustees and other stakeholders through downloadable standard or custom reports

Fully Supported

  • Our partnership approach to implementation and training ensures all users are up to date with the latest functionality
  • Round-the-clock assistance from a local Clarus support team to answer any queries, any time

Fully Robust

  • Robust operational infrastructure handles the extensive data processing needed to support investment management – so numbers can be trusted
  • Comprehensive business continuity and cyber-secure framework

Fully Accessible

  • Access Clarus instantly from anywhere with an internet connection – no download necessary
  • Fully functional on mobile devices, including iPads and android devices

Enabling Informed Decision Making

1. Monitor Performance

  • Clarus helps track the performance of portfolios and managers.
  • Study performance, analyse statistics and compare to a wide range of benchmarks in a matter of minutes.
  • Delve into individual managers and compare their respective performance over time.


2. Delve Deeper

  • Understand the drivers of performance with Clarus’ user-friendly analytics.
  • Detailed decomposition enables exploration of allocations at portfolio and manager level.
  • Drill down into exposures and contributions by hedge fund style, sub-style, asset class and instrument type.
  • Vary time periods and compare to benchmarks for a comprehensive view of how a portfolio has evolved.


3. Assess Risks

  • See clearer with a range of risk analytics at portfolio, manager and position level.
  • Explore individual risk factors and add time comparisons for a detailed understanding of exposures.
  • Choose from a variety of stress tests and state-of-the-art VaR and sensitivity analyses for a thorough assessment of risks.


4. Test Ideas

  • Model portfolio adjustments in a secure environment with Clarus’ unique construction tool.
  • Experiment with scenario analysis and evaluate potential performance in detail.
  • Create a new portfolio from scratch or adjust existing portfolios to assess the potential impact of decisions.


5. Share Your Insight

  • Clarus is a flexible system that can be used throughout an institution.
  • Share analysis with colleagues, trustees and other stakeholders online or through downloadable reports.
  • Peruse Clarus’ extensive library of reports or create personalised reports in seconds.


Get Started With Clarus

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